7 Ways To Prevent Cavities In Children

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7 Ways To Prevent Cavities In Children

10 November 2015
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Whether it is due to poor oral hygiene habits or eating too many sweets, cavities are quite common among children. If your child develops a cavity, he will have to get it filled with a drill at the dentist's office, which can be very scary for him. That is why it is best to minimize your little one's chances of tooth decay. Here are seven effective ways to prevent cavities in children:

Make Teeth Brushing More Fun

Teeth brushing is not exactly the most exciting thing in the world, and many kids dread doing it. However, if you make this oral hygiene habit more exciting for your little one, he may enjoy doing it more. For example, Colgate suggests choosing a fun two-minute song your child can listen to while he brushes his teeth.You can also try brushing your teeth with your child every night. If he sees you having fun brushing your teeth, he may complain less.

Consider Dental Sealants

If you think your child is prone to getting cavities, you should think about getting dental sealants for him. They are made out of plastic film and will be applied to the chewing surfaces of teeth. According to WebMD, dental sealants should be applied to permanent molars and premolars right when they come in. These sealants usually last a decade, but it is necessary for a dentist to check them for wear and tear every six months.

Keep Sweets Out of the House

Most kids love eating candy and other sweets, but eating too many of these foods is not good for their teeth. All of the sugar from these sugary treats can linger on the surfaces of teeth, creating a breeding ground for bacteria. If your child is craving something sweet, you should give him a piece of fruit, like an apple or orange.

Teach Your Child Not Share Foods and Beverages

If your child shares food or drinks with someone who has a cavity, the bacteria can get passed on to his mouth, increasing the risk of tooth decay. Remind your child to never share his food or beverages with another kid.

Feed Your Child Cheese

The calcium in cheese helps remineralize teeth and keep them strong, so it is a good idea to serve your child it on a regular basis. Make sure to put a piece of cheese on his sandwich every day for lunch.

Limit Juice Beverages

Although juice beverages contain a lot of vitamins, drinking too many is not good for the teeth. If you give your child juice every day, it can erode the enamel of his teeth and increase the risk of decay. Try not to give your child juice more than once a week.

Do not Skip Dental Checkups

Many children get very fussy when it is time for a dental checkup and beg their parents not to have to go. However, no matter how much your child complains, you should never let him skip a dental visit. A dentist, someone from a place like Children's Dental Center Of Central Iowa PLC, will fully examine your child's teeth and looks for signs of decay. If the dentist detects a cavity, he can fill it before it gets too deep. It is a good idea to choose a dentist who specializes in treating children. A pediatric dentist will be more sensitive to a child's needs and make your little one feel a lot more comfortable.

If you follow these helpful tips, you can reduce your child's risk of developing cavities in the future. However, if he still gets a cavity, you should have him see a dentist as soon as possible to get it filled.