Preparations Your Dentist Takes When You Want Veneers Placed On Your Teeth

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Preparations Your Dentist Takes When You Want Veneers Placed On Your Teeth

24 May 2017
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If you suffer from extreme discoloration on a few of your teeth, you are likely to be looking for a solution in remedying the situation. When bleaching and at-home products do not effectively treat staining of the teeth, it is likely your dentist will recommend getting veneers as an option in improving your appearance. Here is some general information on what you can expect your dentist to do to prepare your teeth if you decide to get veneers to cover excessive staining.

The Teeth Will Be Evaluated

When you let your dentist know you are interested in having veneers placed, they will first do an assessment of your teeth to make sure the new porcelain will do an effective job in covering stains without putting the underlying teeth at risk for additional damage. This is done by taking X-Rays to check the structure of the teeth being covered. If there are small cracks present, veneers may not stay in place should your teeth deteriorate further in the future. In this case, your dentist will recommend having crowns placed over the teeth so the stability of the added porcelain will aid in keeping the teeth from additional cracking.

Veneer Shape, Size, And Color Is Matched

Your dentist will take measurements of the teeth being covered and will use these to match custom made porcelain pieces to affix over them. The porcelain shape and size will be as close as possible to your real teeth, giving you a brighter smile without altering the look of your teeth in any other way. The coloring of the porcelain will be matched to your other teeth rather than a stark white color. This will give you a natural smile you will be sure to enjoy.

Preparations For Placement Will Be Made

Your dentist will use your X-Rays to help in matching the size of porcelain teeth as well as where to position them so the underlying bone is centered with the tip of the porcelain. This will aid in giving you a natural appearance. It is necessary to remove the top layer of the teeth being covered. This would only take place on the fronts of the teeth as this is the only portions that veneers would be covering. The enamel on these teeth is stripped using a scraping device. This will allow the veneers to be positioned and glued into place without any bumps or slick areas in the way.

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