The Truth Behind 2 Misconceptions About Dental Crowns That May Be Holding You Back From Getting Them

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The Truth Behind 2 Misconceptions About Dental Crowns That May Be Holding You Back From Getting Them

27 August 2021
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If you have more than a couple of teeth that are either missing or decayed, you may be looking into your options as to how to restore your natural smile. While looking at your options, you may have started to research dental crowns.

However, you may be reluctant to get them since you may have heard negative things about them that simply are not true. Below are a couple of misconceptions that you may have about dental crowns which could be holding you back from getting them, as well as the truth behind those misconceptions.

1.  Crowns Will Be Clunky and Make It Difficult for You to Eat or Talk

One misconception that you may have about dental crowns which may be making you reluctant to even speak with your dentist about them is that they feel clunky in your mouth. You may believe that this clunkiness will make it difficult for you to eat and that your speech will become muffled while you are attempting to talk.

However, crowns are made from thin materials like porcelain and are custom-made to match your current teeth and the size of your mouth. Because of this, once you have healed after their insertion, you will most likely hardly know that they are there, allowing you to eat and talk as you do now. And, because the damaged teeth are removed, you may even find it easier to do both.

2.  Everyone Will Be Able to Tell That You Have Crowns Because They Look Unnatural 

Another reason that you may be hesitant to get crowns is that you may believe that everyone will know that you have them. You may think that the material from which they are made will look fake and unnatural, making them noticeable to anyone you talk to.

However, when the crowns are constructed, they are molded so that they look exactly like real teeth. They also have the same color as natural teeth, making them blend in with the rest of your mouth so that people will only know that you have crowns if you tell them.

After you get your new dental crowns, you will find that you are able to eat and talk normally while still have a natural-looking smile. You do not need to let misconceptions about them that you may have heard from others keep you from looking into getting them. If you have missing or severely decayed teeth, speak with your dentist to see if dental crowns can help your overall dental health while restoring your teeth.