Dental Implants: First-Timer Worries

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Dental Implants: First-Timer Worries

5 October 2021
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In most cases, dental implants present people with the perfect solution to missing teeth. Implants are more permanent and worry-free than dentures and tend to be more attractive than a dental bridge. However, even the best dental implant procedures can result in minor issues every once in a while and especially in the first few weeks. To help you cope when one of the below situations pop up, read on.

As You Adjust To the Implant

It's not uncommon for some people to feel a bit of discomfort with their new implants. Particularly when you've had an empty space in your mouth, almost anything new, like an implant, can take some getting used to. Implants can make your delicate gum tissues a little sore for several days after the procedure. If the swelling and irritation are still causing you issues after a week, though, call your dentist so that you can be checked for problems.

Fit Problems

Implants are created not only to fill a gap but to do so with precision. They must take the place of your missing tooth and that can be quite challenging if the dentist has never seen you without the missing tooth. When images and X-rays are not available, the dentist does the best they can to provide you with an attractive and natural implant. The way the tooth fits against other teeth and the way it affects your bite is a key concern. If you notice bite problems or something seems off with the fit, let your dentist know right away. Implants can be reshaped to fit.

Sinus Worries

Upper implant posts can come awfully close to your sinus cavity, and you might suffer from some discomfort if the post for the implant is too close for comfort. The fix is to shorten the post and move it away from your sinus cavity.

Bacterial Infections

Even when your dentist uses the most stringent sanitizing techniques, you can get an infection in your gums. It only takes a tiny opening for bacteria to enter and cause problems. In most cases, a prescription for antibiotics will do the trick and get rid of the infection.

Nerve Problems

Your gum area is filled with sensitive nerves, as anyone suffering from a cavity might already know. In rare cases, these nerves can be damaged at some point in the implantation process. It's important to know that this is a temporary problem and that the nerves will heal on their own in time.

Most people are overjoyed with their implants, but it's good to know that the minor issues above can be dealt with easily. Speak to your dentist to find out more about implant issues. For more information, contact a local dental implant service near you.