What Risks Do You Have For Tooth Decay?

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What Risks Do You Have For Tooth Decay?

4 November 2015
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Anyone can get a cavity on a tooth, but some people have greater risks than others. Your health and lifestyle have a lot to do with the amount of risk you have for getting cavities. By knowing this, you might be able to make some changes in your life that could help you reduce your risks of developing cavities and other oral problems. Here are three things to understand about this.

Why This Matters

If your teeth are important to you, taking care of them should be something you prioritize in life. When you know the risks you have for developing tooth decay, it can help you make the right changes in your life to reduce these risks. If you can reduce your risks, your teeth will stay healthier, and you will have a better chance of being able to keep them for your entire life.

Remember, you will never get a new set of permanent teeth throughout your life. You get one set, which should give you an incentive to take care of them.

Risks From Your Health Status

Your health plays a role in the risks you have for your teeth. If you are healthy and do not have any physical issues, your teeth may have fewer risks than a person who has health issues. Here are several things you should know about this:

  • Health problems can cause a weakened immune system – If you suffer from diabetes, HIV, or other health problems, you may have a weakened immune system. With a weakened immune system, your body has a harder time fighting infections. This can lead to infections in your body and in your mouth.
  • Eating disorders can put you at risk – If you suffer from an eating disorder, such as bulimia or anorexia, the disorder can lead to problems with your teeth. This occurs when too many stomach acids come into your mouth, because stomach acids weaken teeth and cause decay on teeth.
  • Thyroid issues affect gums – If you suffer from thyroid issues, it can have a negative effect on your gums. Thyroid issues often cause a person's body to be unable to repair itself quickly, and this can cause damage to your gums.
  • Heart problems lead to gum disease – Research shows that gum disease can cause heart problems, and that heart problems can lead to gum disease. The condition of your heart might be putting you at a higher risk for developing cavities and other oral issues if you suffer from heart problems.

These are just a few ways your health can play a role in the health of your teeth, but there are many others too.

Risks You Have From Your Lifestyle

In addition to these issues, you may also be putting yourself at a higher risk for dental problems by your lifestyle choices. Here are some lifestyle choices that can put you in the high-risk category for dental problems:

  • Failure to care for your teeth – If you do not brush and floss daily or visit your dentist regularly, you will automatically have a greater risk for developing cavities.
  • Smoking – If you smoke or use any type of tobacco, your daily habit might be causing damage to your teeth.
  • Drinking acidic beverages – Drinking a lot of sports drinks or soda can also cause damage to your teeth. The acid in these types of beverages can lead to the development of decay, and you can reduce this risk by avoiding beverages like these.

Taking good care of your teeth should be important to you. You can learn more about your risks and ways to decrease your risks by making an appointment with a dentist, such as Landy Michael G DDS.