Could Digital Dentures Be Right for You?

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Could Digital Dentures Be Right for You?

24 March 2017
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If you have been wearing dentures for a number of years, you likely have traditional dentures. You may have gone through a few things during your years of wearing dentures such as getting adjusted to wearing them, taking care of them, and replacing them. Perhaps you are an individual who will be getting your first dentures. It is wise for everyone who will need new dentures to be aware of advancements in technology such as digital dentures.

The following are a few benefits you could get by choosing digital dentures.

Fast Turnaround

Sometimes traditional dentures can take weeks to be ready for patients. It can be even longer if there are issues with the devices when they arrive. For example, some people have discomfort that does not subside over time, and they have to get fitted for replacement dentures. Digital dentures can be ready in a shorter time frame. Patients generally go for a digital scan of their mouth structures, and their dentures are ready at their next visit. 

More Natural Appearance

Traditional dentures usually are made of pre-manufactured teeth. This can cause them to look unnatural in some cases. Individuals who opt for digital dentures can choose from several materials options to construct their prosthetic teeth. Some of the materials can be aesthetically enhanced and contoured to create a more natural tooth surface, which can make the digital dentures look more natural.


The initial cost of digital dentures may seem higher than digital dentures. However, when you consider the fact that digital dentures look more natural than traditional braces, you should recognize that you are less likely to replace them sooner than you need to because you will not be self-conscious about how they look.

The digital process also makes it less likely that you will end up with dentures that are uncomfortable or do not fit. This is because precise measurements are made using computer imaging and dentistry technology versus taking molds of your mouth. Traditional dentures also may break down sooner than digital dentures, which means that they may break or need to be replaced sooner than their more durable counterparts.

Appealing Structure

Perhaps you need more reasons to consider digital dentures. They are constructed to be thinner than traditional dentures but stronger. The materials used result in better fitting dentures that you can count on to be comfortable prosthetic teeth. Some people with traditional dentures get thrush or sores in their mouths or have bad breath. Digital dentures are bio-hygienic which reduces the chances of sores, infections, and bad breath. 

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