4 Ways Mothers & Daughters Can Bond Over Getting Braces Together

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4 Ways Mothers & Daughters Can Bond Over Getting Braces Together

3 November 2015
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As mothers take their growing daughters for orthodontist appointment, they may start looking at their own smile a little more and wanting to make some changes. If you're a mother who's getting adult braces at the same time as your daughter, then there are a lot of benefits to the actions. It can help you bond with your daughter and there are multiple ways to extend this bonding. Going through a big oral change like that can be hard, but things are a lot easier if you're going through it with someone else. The following four bonding methods can help you both cope with your mouth changes in the best way possible. They can also set up life-long bonding traditions.

Matching Braces

If both you and your daughter have chosen metal braces, then you can work together to match and pick different themes. Matching the bands on your braces is a fun way to bond and connect. After letting your daughter select the colors for the first bands, you can alternate each time someone has an orthodontist appointment.

You and your daughter can also choose different band designs that relate to special events and holidays. For example, around Halloween, you can have black bands installed while your daughter has orange ones put in. Work together to make selections and match each other through the whole experience.

A Braces Photo Shoot

Getting new braces may make your daughter self-conscious and worried about looks. Showcase that you're both going through the same thing by hosting a mini photo shoot with you and your daughter. A professional photographer is not even needed. You can simply set up a fun shoot with your smart phone or digital camera.

Dress up, wear make-up, and get some props involved to make the photo shoot as fun as possible. Smile wide and showcase your own confidence while wearing the braces and posing for pictures. Your daughter will feed off this confidence and get more comfortable to the idea of wearing braces.

Meal Planning & Cooking

One of the biggest changes you'll encounter with new braces is a change in diet. To help keep your and your daughter's braces protected, you can plan meals with her. It's easier to stick to a specific diet when you have to do it together. Use a list of recommended foods and recipe websites to plan out a week of meals. Once the meals are planned, you and your daughter can go grocery shopping to pick out all the ingredients.

Additional bonding comes when you and your daughter can cook the meals together. You can bond over the stove, talk, and create a new possible tradition of cooking with each other. Even if it's not on a daily basis, you can plan a special weekly or monthly dinner where you cook together. The more meals you plan and cook, the easier it will be for both of you to protect your braces and teeth from any damage. Check out websites like http://www.dentistryoffayetteville.com for more information on taking care of your braces.

Spa Sessions

Getting braces put in or adjusted can cause a lot of stress and pain. Wind down and relax together by booking a mother–daughter spa session. These sessions are a great way to bond, talk, and get relief from any stress that braces may bring.

One type of spa treatment that you can do together are facials. Facial massages and treatments can help ease jaw pain and leave you both feeling refreshed. A pedicure and manicure appointment is another great treatment option. Not only can you relax at the spa, but you both can get matching paint colors. These colors can match each other and the bands on your braces.

Communicating with your daughter is one of the best ways to set up these bonding moments. It's important not to force the bonding, but it let come naturally. Work together to choose activities that work best for both of your personalities.