Why You Might Need More Than One Root Canal On A Tooth

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Why You Might Need More Than One Root Canal On A Tooth

24 October 2016
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If you had a root canal completed on one of your teeth, you may think that this tooth will be safe in the future from infected roots. While this is true in most cases, there are times when a tooth will need a second root canal procedure completed. If you just found out from your dentist that you have a tooth that needs another root canal, you may be confused as to how this could be. Here are several things you should realize if you are in this position.

What A Root Canal Is

When a root canal is needed, it means that one or more of the canals in the tooth (or roots) are infected. This happens primarily when decay on a tooth becomes very deep within the tooth. The decay that makes its way through the tooth can end up in the roots, and this can lead to an infection. In most cases, you will know if you need a root canal by the pain you are in. Infections in a tooth's roots can be very painful.

To fix the problem, a dentist must access the infected roots of your teeth in order to clean them out. After the dentist cleans the roots out, he or she will fill them with a material that is similar to the material used to fill a cavity on a tooth. The purpose of this is to prevent the roots from becoming infected in the future.

After getting a root canal completed, there is a good chance you may also need to get a dental crown for that tooth. If the roots of a tooth are infected, it is usually because there is a large cavity on your tooth. When a cavity is too large to be filled, dentists will usually recommend covering the tooth with a dental crown.

Why You May Need More Than One Treatment

Each tooth in your mouth should have a certain number of roots; however, there are times when the actual number you have varies from the normal number of canals. If a dentist only finds one root to clean out during the first root canal procedure, he or she will only clean that one canal out. The problem is that there might actually be a second or even a third root canal for that tooth.

Locating these roots is easy with some teeth, but it can be difficult with others. Dentists try very hard to locate all the roots during each root canal they perform, but there are times they may miss some of them. If the dentist that performed the first root canal did not see a second root in that tooth, that second root may become infected, and this is a likely reason you may need a second root canal for that tooth.

The only other reason you would ever need a second root canal on the same tooth would be if the dentist that performed the first root canal did not clean out the roots completely. If any of the tooth pulp was left inside the root, the root could become infected in the future.

Ways To Prevent Needing Root Canals In The Future

The best way to prevent needing root canals in the future is by focusing on good oral health. If you can prevent cavities from forming in your mouth and keep your gums healthy, you most likely will never need to have a root canal procedure completed.

If you are experiencing any problems with your teeth or if you need a second root canal procedure, visit a clinic like Airport Road Dental Associates to contact a dentist that specializes in root canals.