Discover What The Installation Of Dental Implants Is Like

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Discover What The Installation Of Dental Implants Is Like

20 April 2018
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Dental implants are one of the very best ways to replace missing teeth. Implants are long-lasting, strong, and very similar to real teeth in the way that they work. If you're interested or planning on getting dental implants and want to know more about what to expect, keep reading.

Cleaning & Exam

When you first visit a dentist for dental implants, the first thing they'll go over with you is your current dental health. Your dentist will likely perform a thorough exam with x-rays and a cleaning of your teeth and gums.

After studying your x-rays, your dentist will discuss with you whether or not you qualify for dental implants. Typically, all you need to be able to get dental implants is to have a strong jaw and no existing dental health problems like gum disease. If you have any of these problems, your dentist will work with you to alleviate them before you get implants.

If you meet your dentist's requirements, your dentist will likely set up a date for you to come back in to begin the process.

Installation of Supports

On the day you come in to see your dentist again, you'll be undergoing minor surgery in order to place the posts for your dental implants. These are titanium pegs that sit inside your gums and hold the teeth in place so they don't budge or move.

Your dentist will perform the surgery while you're anesthetized. In most cases, general anesthesia isn't necessary, so you'll be able to remain conscious during the procedure. Once the posts are in place and your gums have been stitched closed, you'll be sent home to allow them to heal.

Temporary and Permanent Implants

Finally, you'll be called back in two more times for your actual implant installations. After the stitches have come out and your gums have healed, your dentist will place temporary implants so you can go back to using your teeth normally.

While you're wearing your temporary implants, an implant manufacturer will be preparing and creating your permanent dental implants for you. These permanent implants are based on your exact measurements and needs. Once they arrive, your dentist will remove the temporary implants and replace them with the permanent ones.

Dental implants do require a few visits to your dentist's office, but overall, they're very easy for the patient to get put in. Dental implants can keep your teeth and jaw strong, so they're definitely the right choice if you're tired of having missing teeth.