Information For Patients Needing A Dental Implant

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Information For Patients Needing A Dental Implant

4 December 2018
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When a patient is suffering from serious tooth damage, they will need to have a fairly well-developed awareness of their treatment options. This is particularly true when they are faced with the need to have a missing tooth replaced.

Are Dental Implants The Same As Crowns?

It is a common assumption for dental patients to assume that implants are the same as crowns. However, these are very different treatments. A crown is a protective cap that is placed on top of a tooth to protect and reinforce it. In contrast, an implant is an artificial replacement tooth that is permanently placed in the mouth. While a dental crown will be able to prevent a damaged tooth from needing to be extracted, a dental implant will be needed when the tooth has already been removed.

Why Is It Important To Quickly Undergo A Dental Implant Procedure?

When a patient has lost one or multiple teeth, they will need to have the replacement implant placed as quickly as possible. Otherwise, the mouth can undergo changes that may complicate the process of placing an implant in the future. A major one of these complications will be the loss of bone and gum tissue mass as this will make it more difficult for the implant to be effectively placed in the mouth. In some instances, these problems can be severe enough to completely prevent the placement of an implant. Lastly, this delay can allow the teeth to dramatically shift position, which can lead to severe cosmetic problems.

What Limitations Are In Place While You Have Your Temporary Placement?

The experience of having a dental implant placed will take at least several weeks, but some patients can find that the entire process may last months. This is largely a result of the individual healing rate of each patient. During this time, you will be given a temporary prosthetic that will be able to mask the cosmetic and functional effects of the missing tooth. However, there will be some limitations that will need to be followed as these prosthetic will not be as strong or secure as a permanent implant. In most instances, you may need to avoid consuming particularly hard or sticky foods as these could damage the temporary implant. Your dentist will be able to provide you with a list of the prohibited types of food. If you encounter a situation where consuming some of these foods are unavoidable, you may want to bite and chew in such a way as to avoid the temporary tooth.