Do You Suspect That Your Teen Will Do Anything To Improve Their Smile? Help Prevent DIY Mishaps With These 3 Dental Treatments

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Do You Suspect That Your Teen Will Do Anything To Improve Their Smile? Help Prevent DIY Mishaps With These 3 Dental Treatments

28 February 2019
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The teen years are a time when the combination of self-consciousness and a sense of invincibility can cause teens to take drastic measures when it comes to their appearance. While you may just chuckle at your teen trying to follow the latest fashion trends and hairstyles, there does come a point when you need to be concerned. 

Teens today are often relying upon online videos and other unreliable sources for DIY methods to improve their smile. Sadly, trying to whiten their teeth or straighten them at home can lead to serious trauma such as chemical burns and infections in the mouth that have long-lasting consequences. For this reason, you can use these three dental treatments to satisfy your teen's need to improve their appearance safely. 

Show Them The Difference With Professional Teeth Whitening

All it takes is a quick search online to find DIY recipes for teeth whitening formulas that promise results, and your teen can also buy kits over the counter that may or may not do any good. Sadly, many teens are disappointed to discover that these kits can lead to discolorations if they are used improperly, and they may not have any effect upon visible fillings. Instead, take your teen in to the dentist for professional tooth whitening. This procedure is quick enough to fit into a busy schedule, and your teen will be so impressed by their whiter teeth that they may even skip that dark-colored soda.

Teach Lifelong Oral Hygiene Habits With Regular Dental Cleanings

One of your biggest goals as a parent is to help your child develop healthy habits that last a lifetime. Before you get your teen's teeth professionally whitened, take them in for a cleaning. You can even take before and after pictures of the changes that occur in your teen's mouth to highlight just how big of a difference going for routine dental care makes for their appearance.

Straighten Out Crooked Smiles With Invisible Braces

Believe it or not, some teens are turning to dangerous methods to correct crooked teeth such as putting rubber bands around their front ones at night to pull them together. Talk to your teen about why these methods are ineffective, and arrange for a consultation to see if they are candidates for Invisalign.

While you may know that almost nobody has perfect teeth, that may not stop your teen from trying to achieve a more beautiful smile. By giving your child the benefit of having a dental home as a resource, you can ensure that they know where to turn for help with safe methods to improve their smile.