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Hi everyone, my name is Jesse. I would like to welcome you to my website. I am here to talk to you about the importance of regular dental care. I will share helpful care techniques you can use to keep your teeth looking and feeling their best throughout life. My site will cover all of the negative effects of poor oral hygiene in great detail. I will talk about the preventive and restorative procedures dentists perform to protect and heal your teeth. I invite you to visit my site daily to learn new tips, tricks and facts about dental care. Thank you for your time.

Do Blood Thinners Mean You Can’t Get A Dental Implant?

28 January 2021
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Surgery results in bleeding. This is a fairly simple concept since surgery involves making incisions into living tissue, which then bleeds to some extent. Dental implants are a form of surgery, and as such, there will be some bleeding around the site of the implant. This is minor and will quickly subside as you heal. But can you receive a dental implant when you're on medication that can complicate your ability to heal? Read More …

How To Tell If Your Special Needs Child Has Dental Problems

17 December 2020
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One of the struggles with having a special needs child is trying to figure out when something is wrong with them. This is especially true when it comes to their oral health, which could involve internal pain that you cannot simply see yourself. That's why it helps to know some of the warning signs that your special needs child has an oral health problem that should be treated by a dentist. Read More …

After Invisalign: The Importance Of Your Retainer

3 November 2020
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Wasn't it a good feeling when your orthodontist told you that your Invisalign treatment was coming to an end? You might have been wearing them for more than a year, with only a couple of hours each day without them. But this isn't the end of your teeth straightening journey since you will now be required to wear a retainer. This should be thought of as clear instruction and not just a suggestion. Read More …

Laughing Gas And What To Expect From It

18 December 2019
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People who suffer from anxiety or fear when they visit the dentist can often benefit from dental sedation. There are a number of different sedatives available, but one of the most common is laughing gas.  The gas, which is actually nitrous oxide, is colorless. When administered, it helps to ease the patient's anxiety and promote relaxation. In some cases, it is used alone. However, nitrous oxide may also be paired with other sedation medicines, depending on the needs of the patient. Read More …

What Choosing The Right Family Dentist Will Do For You

20 November 2019
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When you have a dentist for your family that you can trust, you have a specialist you feel great about. You want to choose a great dentist who will help you feel confident in your smile and in the health and well-being of your family so you can keep your smiles strong and vital under proper care. There are many ways a family dentist can be beneficial to you. Your family dentist should be a professional who puts your family's needs first when it comes to oral care and who helps make setting appointments easy. Read More …